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“I am pleased to announce the launch of Kurtsystems, a revolutionary new technology to which I have dedicated 18 years of my life and which has become one of my proudest achievements. It is my hope that this project will become beneficial to the whole of the racing industry worldwide.

I am proud to say that after 18 years we have achieved our objective. We have enhanced and solidified the musculoskeletal structures of the young horses that participated in our Kurtsystems Pre-Training study and we minimized the injuries that occurred during this period as well.”
What is Kurtsystems ?
What is Kurtsystems ?
What is Kurtsystems ?
Kurtsystems is a pre-training system that prepares young foals for the training period and strengthens their musculoskeletal system.
How does Kurtsystems work ?
How does Kurtsystems work ?
The experiments conducted at Kurtsystems have shown that young foals quickly adapt to the pre-training system that is prepared according to their psychological and anatomic structures. Kurtsystems improves the athletic capacities, speeds, strengths and endurance of foals, most importantly minimizing injuries from exercises.
EFM Technology
EFM Technology
The Kurtsystem rail technology allows up to ten horses to be exercised simultaneously, allowing customised electronic fitness monitoring equipment to measure and record the physiology of each horse during exercise.

“I have a clear ambition. I want to improve the evolution of the horse and strengthen its physical and mental preparedness to handle modern training regimes. This revolutionary pre-training technology will deliver beter horses and thus improve the bloodstock sector too.”

- Mehmet Kurt, Pioneer of Kurtsystems

“I see amazing potential. The horses that I have seen in the Kurtsystems are safe, and accept it extremely well.”

- Monty Roberts, “The Horse Whisperer” and World Leading Equine Authority

“I've been very impressed with the training strategy which is a nice combination of science and horse common sense.”

- Professor David Evans, University of Sydney

“It seems to me that these horses are learning to be much safer in their training than when using the traditional methods.”

- Monty Roberts, “The Horse Whisperer” and World Leading Equine Authority

“Kurtsystems is a unique, promising and exciting way of conditioning horses, training horses and rehabilitiating horses.”

- Professor Wayne Mcllwraith, Colorado State University

“Trainers who embrace technology, innovation and progress will learn that Kurtsystems can become a vital tool in their training regime. We are incredibly lucky that Mr Kurt has based his system in Lambourn. It will become a great asset not only to the village but also to the greater racing community.”

- Jamie Osborne, Group One Winning Trainer
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