Is this a training system?

Kurtsystems is not a training system. It is a pre-training system that prepares young horses for race-training.

Will Kurtsystems replace trainers and jockeys?

As Kurtsystems is a pre-training system rather than a training system, it won’t lead to any job losses. Indeed, the new technology should help create new job opportunities.

Far from competing with trainers and jockeys, Kurtsystems helps them by ensuring that horses possess strong bones, muscles, joints and tendons that perform effectively during training.


What if a horse falls?

During the development of the Kurtsystems, in-depth research was conducted to ensure that the technology moves naturally in rhythm with the horses. As a result, the horses move in synchronicity with the cabinet, the cabinet does not push the horse and the horse doesn’t pull the cabinet.

This synchronicity explains why not one of the hundreds of horses that have been trained in the Kurtsystems has lost its footing or fallen.

How is the status of horse’s health monitored during during the Kurtsystems pre-training?

Kurtsystems equine monitoring technology is the result of an extensive R&D programme that was developed over 18 years and cost nearly £20m. Each horse is followed by a camera and their efforts are monitored by a device that is placed on the saddle and a belt across their chests.

In the Kurtsystems, the young horses start with a slow walking regime with the training programme gradually introducing more challenging exercises. The speedometer in the system is very sensitive and if any issues occur, the groom accompanying each horse can halt the training at any time by pressing the “emergency stop” button.

What if there is a power cut?

In the event of the electricity supply failing, the system has been designed so that it does not come to an immediate stop. It slowly decreases in speed as the momentum decreases thereby allowing the horses to slow down in conjunction with the Kurtsystems decreasing speed.



How does the system support the psychological welfare of the horses ?

The Kurtsystems has been specifically designed with the psychological welfare of the horse in mind. For this reason, no iron bits are attached to the horses’ mouth during the Kurtsystems pre-training. Gag bits negatively affect horses, both psychologically and physically. At Kurtsystems, young horses train with long helmets, without gag bits and thus they make a smooth transition to reins.




Is the speed appropriate for young horses?

Yes. The Kurtsystems was prepared with young horses in mind. In-depth research was carried out to devise a pre-training programme that utilised appropriate speeds.