How does Kurtsystems work?

The studies conducted at Kurtsystems have shown that young horses quickly adapt to the pre-training system, that has been specifically designed with their psychological and anatomical structures in mind. Kurtsystems improves the athletic capacity, speed, strength and endurance of the young horses, most importantly minimizing injury from exercise.

Young horses ideally start pre-training in Kurtsystems when they are 10-12 months old and complete their time in the system 6 months later. At the end of the third month in the Kurtsystems, additional skills are passed to the young horses through a “walking, trotting and cooling down” exercise programme. Taking into account the variation in the physical properties of each of the young horses, the next month of exercise is initiated by introducing a 20kg saddle that has been specifically designed for each horse.

During the pre-training exercises, the expert team at Kurtsystems supervise the general health of the young horses and monitors their adaptation to the system and the exercises from the equipment in the control cabinet at the back of the Kurtsystems; always focusing on the horse’s health, movement, behaviour and their oxygen calibration.

The work of the Kurtsystems is done when the pre-training phase is complete. The young horses that have received the Kurtsystems pre-training are prepared for race-training with stronger bones and muscles. They enter their race-training life fully adapted to tackle the challenges they will face in their new training regime. The young horse’s endurance has been increased by gradually increasing weight applied via the specially designed saddles, so they are now ready to work with a jockey.

The Kurtsystems Adaptation Phase

The Kurtsystems represents a pre-training system that is consistent, it always continues at the same level, it cannot be affected by the human factor and is prepared entirely in accordance with the mechanical and psychological structure of young horses. At the end of the six-months Kurtsystems pre-training phase the following results were:

>The young horses possessed a strong musculoskeletal structure.

>The physical structure of the young horse, during its growth period, developed in a balanced and athletic way.

>Tendons and bones had solidified.

>The pre-training had ensured the young horse was fully adapted to a training regime.

>We determined that the young horses commenced the race-training period with a more secure and psychologically balanced approach.