Kurtsystems Equine Fitness Monitoring (EFM)


The Kurtsystem rail technology allows up to ten horses to be exercised simultaneously, allowing customised electronic fitness monitoring equipment to measure and record the physiology of each horse during exercise.


The EFM measures heart rate, gait, and respiratory functions, and when combined with recorded measurements of exercise work load, a horse’s level of fitness can be determined.

By regularly recording physiological parameters during training, the EFM aims to track the long-term changes in a horse’s fitness levels. This allows a trainer to optimise the horse’s exercise regime according to the medically recorded data and consequently helps the trainer to better detect fitness problems before they become an issue later in the horse’s pre-training programme.

The Kurtsystems pre-training technology has been constructed within the boundaries of Kingwood Stud. The Stud retains considerable equine facilities alongside this significant new development and it will continue to operate alongside Kurtsystems. Indeed, the Stud and Kurtsystems combine to deliver a centre of equine excellence in Lambourn.