Mehmet Kurt’s Message

I am pleased to announce the launch of Kurtsystems, a revolutionary new technology to which I have dedicated 18 years of my life and which has become one of my proudest achievements. It is my hope that this project will become beneficial to the whole of the racing industry worldwide.

I grew up with horses, they have always been an important part of my life. I have often experienced foals, that I purchased with great expectation and anticipation of a successful race career, develop injuries and as a result they have had to be taken out of a career in racing, often before it had begun. This was despite excellent pedigrees and perfect physical physiques.

Most injuries were due to problems with the young horses’ musculoskeletal system. These young horses couldn’t bear the weight and exercise regime in the early months of training as their musculoskeletal systems had not yet matured. Through my research, and interviews with many distinguished scientists, it became clear there was a direct relation between these injuries and the young horses under developed musculoskeletal structures. Bone strength was directly affecting their ability to endure heavy exercise and weight.

I became determined to better prepare them for training by developing their musculoskeletal systems using an initial “Pre-Training” phase. I felt that if we could pre-train the young horses using an entirely mechanical system, we could then introduce gentle speed and light weights, and then gradually increase them in a controlled and sustained manner. But – this would require new technology!

Whilst developing the Kurtsystems concept, in-depth research was conducted to ensure we implemented a system which would work in conjunction with the young horse’s natural behaviour and body structure. Initial trials were conducted with a single young horse, subsequently moving to a group study. At the heart of the Kurtsystems is a specially designed cabinet, where 10 horses are connected to each other. Each young horse moves harmoniously within the system and this harmony is a sign of the systems’ success. I am proud to say that after 18 years we have achieved our objective. We have enhanced and solidified the musculoskeletal structures of the young horses that participated in our Kurtsystems Pre-Training study and we minimized the injuries that occurred during this period as well. We have shared our research and results with scientists and we are now ready to share them with the world.

Mehmet Kurt