What is Kurtsystems?

Kurtsystems is a PRE-TRAINING SYSTEM that prepares young horses for training and strengthens their musculoskeletal system.

Kurtsystems, at Kingwood Stud in Lambourn, is a revolutionary new process designed to aid the pre-training of young racehorses before they enter a traditional race-training regime. It introduces young horses to a pre-training programme without the threat of human error, in a closely monitored and controlled environment; a process that directly contrasts with the experience that many young racehorses face in their early period of training.


Horse owners, trainers and breeders naturally expect the highest performance from their horses. However, research has shown that when “hard training” starts on young horses, who’s musculoskeletal systems have not yet matured, there is a significant risk of injury taking place (Mason and Bourke).

Indeed, musculoskeletal injuries are the most frequent encountered health problem in bloodstock racehorses. This is because two-year-old horses, with underdeveloped leg joints, are trained and raced under a heavy exercise regime (Perkins and Ark, 2005). Such injuries, which occur in the body structures of young horses that are still developing, are usually irreversible injuries and cause them to have a short or non-existent race career and lose their breeding potential (Stover).

46% of all leg injuries result from tendon or ligaments damage (Williams and Ark, 2001). Due to damage in the tendons that connect the muscle and bone structures in the horses’ body, the potential champion racehorse of the future can encounter a problem that will end its entire race career before it has started. Repetitive injuries are encountered in 80% of the young horses with such injuries and only 20% of them can then continue a life in racing without ensuing problems (Perkins and Ark, 2005).

Research reveals the correlation between bone power and injuries (Firth, 2004). Studies have shown that young horses with a strong and flexible structure at the beginning of their race-training lives are less likely to encounter injury (Nielsen, Ark). Bone strength also affects the young horses’ resistance to repetitive loads.

Kurtsystems was founded on the understanding that by strengthening the musculoskeletal structure of young horses, it is possible to minimize injuries. After 18 years and substantial R&D investment, this vision has now been realised.


Long and comprehensive trials have shown that the Kurtsystems pre-training exercise programme has helped the young horses metabolism, skills and muscle development. The six-month exercise period helps maximise the young horses’ bone strength and power, ensuring that tissues that have not yet adapted to exercise, do not undergo excessive strain. During the exercises, improvement in the volumetric increase of muscle fibres, adaptation, flexibility, agility and endurance were also observed.

The Kurtsystems pre-training system ensures that bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments reach the strength required for training and ensures the young horses are equipped to tackle a challenging and competitive future. Kurtsystems has been built with the development of the young horse’s anatomy as it’s focus.

What is Kurtsystems ?
What is Kurtsystems ?
Kurtsystems is a pre-training system that prepares young foals for the training period and strengthens their musculoskeletal system.
How does Kurtsystems work ?
How does Kurtsystems work ?
The experiments conducted at Kurtsystems have shown that young foals quickly adapt to the pre-training system that is prepared according to their psychological and anatomic structures. Kurtsystems improves the athletic capacities, speeds, strengths and endurance of foals, most importantly minimizing injuries from exercises.
EFM Technology
EFM Technology
The Kurtsystem rail technology allows up to ten horses to be exercised simultaneously, allowing customised electronic fitness monitoring equipment to measure and record the physiology of each horse during exercise.